Canine Country Club (402)720-9338

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Rates & Services


Hours:        Open Daily
Please set up a time for your pet to be dropped off and picked up to avoid any inconveniences. (If time changes please phone ahead ) 
Pick up times must be scheduled between 7:30 AM & 10:00 AM, 4:30 PM & 6:30 PM  (Hours may vary) Sunday Hours are 5PM-6PM
Ask more about Doggy Day Care

Fees:        $13 per day
 No charge for the day when picked up before 10:00 AM
$10 for 2nd dog in same suite

All pets must show proof of vaccinations: 
Distemper, Rabies, and Kennel Cough
We have a Flea Free environment (we will treat your pet at your cost)

Pet Perks:

Bubble Bath                  $30
Puppy Pedicure              12
Puppy Pedicure+ Polish  14
Clean Ears                       7
Brush Teeth                     5 
(+ Free Finger Brush)
Kool Kong snack              3


Doggy Day Spa            $35
 (includes the above)
 Nature Hike                    3/day
Yappy Hour                     3/day

Doggy Manners

Grooming is available try your four legged friend at Amber's gentle touch.  Available in the evenings as well for your convenience. 

Mention the website and save $5 on your pets next Day Spa, Grooming, Bubble Bath, or Pedicure!

Call Amber @ 720-9338 and make your reservation today.